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Jessica Schab, "A Conversation with Andrew D. Basiago," 7/25/09

In this fascinating, six-hour interview, American lawyer Andrew D. Basiago, 47, narrates the hidden history of his discovery of life on Mars in 2008 and reveals the fact that by 1968 the US intelligence community was already aware of aspects of his later Mars work.

Andy relates his experiences in DARPA's Project Pegasus during the period 1969 to 1972 and describes probes to past and future events that he took via "teleportation" and "chronovision" during the early days of time-space exploration by the US government.

He confirms that the United States has been teleporting individuals to Mars for decades and recounts the awe-inspiring and terrifying trips that he took to Mars in 1981 after he was tapped to go there because he had teleported as a child participant in Project Pegasus.

I first met Andy in July 2009 at ECETI's Science, Spirit and World Transformation Conference near Mt. Adams, Washington, where we were both featured speakers.

During his lecture, Andy shared numerous photographic images evidencing his discovery of life on Mars, including many photos of humanoid beings, different animal species, carved statues and built structures on Mars that put him at the forefront of Mars research.

Throughout the weekend, Andy lectured at his table to small groups of conference-goers, who came and sat in rapt attention as he shared stories about his experiences as a child in Project Pegasus, the secret US research program in which time travel was the focus.

I know that, like me, everybody who took part in those impromptu seminars was certain that Andy is, as Bill Ryan of Project Camelot stated recently, the "real deal" - a truth-teller with significant new information to share about "the real Philadelphia Experiment."

In this interview, Andy tells the phenomenal story of seven briefings over 40 years in which he was shown evidence of his destiny involving the discovery of life on Mars, and explains how the emergence of time travel and this epochal future event were interlinked.

According to Andy, by 1968, the CIA was already teleporting individuals to the past and future to retrieve artifacts there and bring them back while propagating holograms of past and future events with devices called "chronovisors" to also gather intelligence.

Incredibly, as a result of this "quantum access," Andy was given a copy of his landmark paper The Discovery of Life on Mars in 1971 and asked to read and remember it, so that when, in 2008, he wrote it, it would contain as much data about Mars as possible!

A book and film about Andy's experiences in Project Pegasus are in development and he will soon be featured by Project Camelot. This "must hear" interview is an introduction to a major figure in the Disclosure Movement and an emerging 21st century visionary, who is fighting the good fight to bring his important story to light.

The Veritas Show with Mel Fabregas, www.VeritasShow.com, Andrew D. Basiago, 9/24/09

This is an explosive interview with Andrew D. Basiago, author, The Discovery of Life on Mars (2008). This brave whistleblower recounts his experiences in childhood in the United States' ultra-secret Project Pegasus, which dealt with teleportation-based time travel. Since 1971, Andy has known he would be instrumental in being part of one of the most important discoveries ~ life on Mars. Andy explains how the teleportation technology works and how it could propel us from a Type 00 civilization to a Type 1, as we would not use conventional transportation to travel from Point A to Point B. Andy is an attorney by profession and is working feverishly so that high-ranking government officials, including Donald Rumsfeld and Bill Richardson, come forward with their testimony and reveal what they know about Project Pegasus and the teleportation capability developed by the United States in 1967-68. This show is as close to Disclosure as you will get!

Twenty-Twelve and Beyond, with Emily Berno, 11/7/09

In this new two-hour interview, lawyer Andrew D. Basiago recounts his experiences as a participant in DARPA's Project Pegasus, a secret US government project which involved experiments with teleportation and both past and future time travel. Andy talks about what he experienced in Project Pegasus and the alternatives that he sees for the future of humanity. He is the founder of the Mars Anomaly Research Society (MARS) and the author of The Discovery of Life on Mars (2008).

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